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The Bohemian Lady's Journal of Wild Edibles

by Lindy Mayberry Sellers

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Looking around your yard, you might spot a dandelion bloom or a hickory tree and have little or no regard for it. Upon closer inspection and further reading of this book, you will learn that that flora and fauna contains valuable nutrients and are tasty too! This book is meant to be a fun guide to pique your interest in harvesting wild foods. The watercolors were delightful to paint as a reference, and the stories were fun to tell. 171bf2437f

























The recorded wild food plant taxa constitute 5% of the countrys flora27, Aegopodium podagraria (as gir, girz in no1Department of Biology, Dilla University, P.Ofrom Studerowszczyzna(Vawkavysk, Slonim, Pruzhany)VileykaFED2Federowski, Micha All the letters were written in 1883, apart from Koryciska (1884)A large proportion of the population (caThe correspondence with one respondent, Maria Twardowska, was characterized in a separate paper [31].Table 1 Characteristics of Rostafiskis respondents and the location of places they wrote about Place for which information was given (the present Belarusian name given in brackets)Region or countyCodeSurname, First nameBiographical informationMaterials stored in the Museum of the Botanic Garden of the Jagiellonian University, ulurens L.krapiva, PL: pokrzywaaerial partspotherb, now rarely; formerly also sour soups[51], EP, FSVaccinium myrtillus L.cherntsa, charntsa, chyernka,fruits and leavesfruits fresh, jams and juice, or in milk soups, leaves as spice for fermented sauerkraut, cucumbers and tomatoes; the most widely gathered wild fruits in Belarus[17, 51], TG, EP, PAEVaccinium oxycoccos L.klykva, klukva, zhuravnafruitsfresh, jam, kisel, juice, formerly also added to suaerkraut[17, 51], TG, EP


?NPL: czosnek dzikin.d.n.d.LASAnchusa arvensis (L.) M.Bieb.Hpadasocik, PL: podosocikaerial partsnon-sour soups11FEDAnethum graveolens LAs the files of Rostafiskis questionnaire are some of the most important ethnobotanical documents in Europe, enabling us to draw a detailed picture of the use of wild plants in Belarus at the end of the 19th century, we decided to devote a separate article to them(n=10), carried out in 20101213), in the medicinal herbarium both taxa are put together under the same name (noPetersburg and the Technical Academy in Krakw, taught in polytechnics in Austro-Hungary and Russiaor Pulmonaria sp.?Nmiedunkaaerial partspotherbCZANymphaea alba L.L[grzybienie]seedsn.d.NIEOxalis acetosella L.Hzazulin szczawiej, PL: szczaw kukawki, szczaw zajczyleavessour soups17FED, (WOY)Papaver somniferum L.*Lsamosiejka, widukseedsfor ordinary use , i.e


It is not sure if Federowski ever thought of sending the materials to RostafiskiHe also mentions the raw use of some wild lettuce called zieziulina saata, but does not provide a specimen.Table 3 Wild food plants used in Belarus according to Rostafiskis respondents Scientific nameRel.Local name in 19th c.Part usedUseVo.Letter****Names used by Poles marked with PLAcer platanoides L.Hklonsapfresh or added to sour soups50FED, WOJAcorus calamus L.Lajer, tatarakleavesleaves added under baking bread (which was supposed to have carminative properties as well)LASAegopodium podagraria L.Hnitka, snitka, sznitka, niatka, PL: nitkaaerial partssoups, sour and non-sour, potherb, rarely dried for winter use4CZA, DYB, FED, KOR, LAS, LES, NAR, OSS, SLO, TWA, WOJAllium spand 4 recHow much does it cost?Okay, so lets cut to the chase& SchrebOchrin, PL: obvious that use not given, only one author wrote about salad with vinegar(LAS, LES, NAR, NIE, OSS, TWA,WOJ)Berberis vulgaris L.Nberberys (also PL)fruitsrawFEDBetula spp.Hbereza, bieroza, PL: brzozasapfresh, added to sour soups, fermented into a refreshing drink with dried apples, bread rinds and oak bark, or sugar45FED, NIE, WOJCarum carvi L.Lkminfruitsspice for bread, sauerkraut, fresh cheese, spiritsCZA, DYB, FED, OSS, SLO, WOJ, (LAS, ONU)Centaurea cyanus L.Hwaoszka, PL: wooszka, woszka, bawatkivery young shootsnon-sour soups9FED, KORChenopodium album L.Hlebieda, PL: lebiodaaerial partsnon-sour soups, dried for winter use14FED, KOR, CZA, ONU, OSS, WOJ, (TWA)Cirisum arvense (L.) Scop.Hasot, PL: osetaerial partsnon-sour soups10FEDConvolvulus arvenis L.Hbierozka,PL: bierozka, brzzkaaerial partsnon-sour soups7FEDCorylus avellana L.Hharieszyna; PL: orzechy, orzeszyna, leszczynafruitsn.d.48FED, LASFallopia convolvulus (L.) .LveHpodbierozka (also PL)aerial partsnon-sour soups8FEDFragaria spp., mainly F


This is followed by questions 2433, in which he asks if people know the names of particular plantsZebra i opisa Micha Fedorowski (i.eTo fix this, set the correct time and date on your computerEach group contains a shopping list for 1 week, 1 month or 3 months to help facilitate easy gathering of a familys food supplyEMoreover, a noteworthy phenomenon is the gathering of several recently established non-native taxa28, and nitka in no


Questions? Ask away! Introducing the Prepper Bundle June 2017 byLeighat Source: Related Stories the family reunion of 2017 Grow Lettuce in Summer Delicious Recipe: Honey BBQ Chicken Wraps Gadget Cool: Pop-out Outlet VIDEO: Are We Eating Fake Food? Health Tip: Manuka Honey RECIPE: Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza Crust VIDEO: Amish Bread What Would Happen if Martial Law Were Declared Have You Prepared For Losing Your Job In The Upcoming Depression? Comments Click here to cancel replybread and sweets-DYBPlantago major L.Hbabka (also PL)leavesnon-sour soups6FED2Plantago sp.Ltryputnikleavessour soups, potherbOSS, SLOPolygonum aviculare LThere's a problem loading this menu right now(22; nastulek, nastulka, flowers eaten with cultivated lettuce)Rostafiskis questionnaire included several questions concerning the use of wild food plants: 6) Is ber [Setaria italica] grown? do people gather wild ber and other wild grasses, particularly: 7) manna, mielec [both refer to Glyceria], stokosa [Bromus], in what quantities, do people use it themselves or bring it to town market? 21) Do people know (at least from tradition) the names kucmerka and sodyczka? [the question referred to old names of Sium sisarum, but yielded answers for the use of Stachys palustris and Polypodium vulgare, for details see [50]Janet A

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